Saturday, 19 December 2015


The Chennai floods is an unhappy marriage between climate change and land use change.
'You have to respect nature. You won't respect nature unless you see nature's fury.'
Image result for rain imagesWhether it is climate change or the climate behaving normally, it is natural for the skies to let rain water fall on the ground. If the waters had rained on a place where there were no people or human property, we would not have described this as a disaster. We have to look why the 490 mm of rain became a disaster.
You have climate behaving normally and also climate behaving abnormally due to climate change. If a natural event becomes a national disaster, it shows bad landscape planning.
There are a whole lot of things. When water falls, it has to either go into the ground or it has to flow, and it knows where it has to go and it tries to reach the place.
Image result for rain imagesIf you prevent water from going into the ground, you have excess water flowing. And if you prevent the water from flowing, it accumulates and finally bypasses you to flow to where it has to.

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