Wednesday 27 April 2016



Most Matches in Odi :463
Most Matches in Test :200
Most runs in Test :15837 runs
Most runs in ODI :18426 runs
Most Fours in odi :2016 fours
Most Fours in test :2044 Fours
Most 150+ scores in odi :5
Most 150+ scores in test :20
Most hundreds by a batsman in Test:51 hundreds
Most Hundreds by a batsman in ODI :49 hundreds
Most Ninties in Odi :18
Most Ninties in Test :10
Most fifties by a batsman in Test :67
Most fifties by a batsman in ODI :96
Most Man of Match in odi :62
Most Man of series in odi :15
Most Balls Faced in odi :21367
Most ODI runs in a calendar year :1,894 ODI runs in 1998.
Most centuries in a calendar year :9 ODI centuries in 1998.
Most runs scored by a batsman in ODI tournament finals:
Tendulkar 1851,
Most centuries hit by a batsman in ODI tournament Finals:
Tendulkar (6 ton)
Most Runs in world cup :2278
Most Runs in single world cup :673 Runs in 2003 world cup
Most Hundreds in world cup :6
Most fifties in world cup :15
Most successful batsman in wins :(11157 runs in 234 matches)
Most successful batsman in chases :(5490 runs in 127 matches)
Yes it is one and only SACHIN TENDULKAR.

9 famous quotes on Sachin Tendulkar . . .!!!

👍 i want my son to became Sachin Tendulkar - brian lara🏈

👍 We did not lose to a team called India, we lost to a man called Sachin
- mark taylor🏀

👍 nothin bad can happen to us if we were on a plane in India with Sachin on it.
- hashim amla⚽

👍 he can play that leg glance with a walking stick also,
- waqar younis🎾

👍 there are 2 kind of batsman in the world,
1 Sachin tendulkar
2 all the others.
-andy flower⚾

👍i have seen god. He bats at no.4 for India in tests.
- matthew hayden🎱

👍 i see myself when i see Sachin batting.
-don bradman🎳

👍do your crime when Sachin is batting, bcos even god is busy watcing his batting.
- Australian fan🏉

👍best one from
Barack Obama- i don't know about cricket but still i watch cricket to see Sachin play. . Not bcoz i love his play its bcoz I want to know the reason why my country production goes down by 5 percent when he's batting. . . 🏆

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Tendulkar's 1'st match, 
18 - 11 - 89
Last match, 
18 - 11 - 13....
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