Thursday 8 October 2020

To operate a Hotel the following licenses are required.

 To operate a Hotel the following licenses are required.

Documents required for obtaining the licence from different authorities are:- 

1. Duly registered Lease    Agreement between the owner and operator. 

2. Completion certificate of the building from concerned authority.

License to be obtained:-

1. Fire License from Fire Department

2. Boarding and Lodging License from Police       


3. Health License from concerned MCD

4. FSSAI certification for Kitchen

5. Liquor License from Excise Department

6. Lift license

7. Registration Certificate from Shops and

     Establishment from Labour Department.

8. Registration Certificate for GST from Sales Tax 


9. Registration Certificate from EPFO

10. Registration Certificate from ESIC

11.Registration Certificate Foreign Exchange 

       Regulation from concerned authority

12. Registration Certificate from FRRO, in 

       connection with Foreign Tourists.

These are the necessary Licenses to operate a Hotel/Lodge/Resort etc.


Stop calling workers by their old titles. .

Please address them by using their new titles ! They have gone thru   SKILLFUTURE, WSQ and e2i Workfare Program.  

OLD: Garden Boy

NEW: Landscape Executive

OLD: Gardener

NEW: Plant nutritionist

OLD: Petrol attendant

NEW: Fuel transmission technician

OLD: Car Cleaner

NEW: Vehicle Image Developer

OLD: Water Pump Operator

NEW: Aqua line Executive

OLD: Lift Operator

NEW: Vertical Movement Specialist

OLD: Receptionist

NEW: Front Desk Executive

OLD: Typist

NEW: Printed Document Handler

OLD: Messenger

NEW: Business Communication Conveyer

OLD: Telephone Operator

NEW: Communications Executive

OLD: Window Cleaner

NEW: Transparent Wall Technician

OLD: Temporary Teacher

NEW: Associate Teacher

OLD: Tea Boy 

NEW: Refreshment Technician

OLD: Garbage Collector 

NEW: Environmental Sanitation Technician

OLD: Guard 

NEW: Security Enforcement Executive

OLD: Driver 

NEW: Automobile Propulsion Specialist

OLD: Maid 

NEW: Domestic Management Executive

OLD: Cook 

NEW: Food Technician

OLD: Gossiper

NEW: Oral Research and Evaluation Executive

Finally, (Don’t laugh)

OLD: Thief 

NEW: Wealth Relocation Specialist

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