Monday 21 September 2015

Tower running

Tower running, you can't just wake up one fine day and decide to run or participate in a skyscraper dash. It needs rigorous training. 

A tower run has a huge impact on the knee, hence it is important to take it slow while coming down. Do a lot of squats to build your thigh muscles so that the stress is less on the knee. Diet is another critical aspect of preparing for the race.

The participants are usually runners, mountaineers and first-timers who want to try something different. And there are some who accept challenges. 
In the past few years have seen hundreds of Indians join this list of people wanting to climb thousands of steps to test their endurance levels.

For most of us, the sight of a broken down lift is enough to set the heart palpitating. once I stayed on 9th floor and imagine I barely could climb seven floors, However, it may surprise you that there are people who have taken racing upstairs as a sport. "Tower running" involves dashing up the staircases of the tallest buildings across the world. The sport has become a rage all over

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