Saturday 30 January 2016

If women ruled the world then the budget would be

MImage result for black and white women images1) all year sales on fresh stocks

2) national holidays on kitty days

3) no import duty on diamonds

4) designer bags available on ration card

5) 2 maids free on every child

6) 1 gift mandatory from hubby per day

Image result for black and white women images7) Waking women before 11.50 am would be a punishble law

8) calls to moms would be free gift from telephone authority of india

9) All scientists would be diverted to develop medicine to reduce all body fat in a minute

10) Cosmetic companies would sell
products on no loss no profit basis with regular supply of free samples

11) Around the world trip mandatory on every woman's birthday😀

W O M A N is the most harmless, self-controlled, well-mannered, undisturbed, non-violent human being ......... Till her Nail Polish gets DRY!!! 😊


This is hilarious - loved it!!

How to handle women at different ages:

8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68 & 78....

8 - U take her to bed & tell her a story.

18 - U tell her a story & take her to bed.

28 - U Don't have to tell her a story to take her to bed.

38 - She tells u a story & takes u to bed.

48 - She tells U a story to avoid going to bed.

58 - U stay in bed to avoid her story.

68 - If u take her to bed, that will be a story.

78 - If u take her to bed.. that's the end of the story..!


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