Monday 2 November 2020

Bilingual puns

When I saw a snake for the first time, I was सर्पrised.

My Urdu is Behtar than your English.

Who called it family planning, and not जनration.

People with a paunch want to show that they have a well 'तोंड' body.

I wanted to marry a photojournalist, par 'paparazzi' nahi hue.

My boyfriend is a garment manufacturer; par woh aajkal, bahut hosiery dikha raha hai.

I had sore throat once. It took me few 'vicks' to recover!

Why is vegetarian food not very popular? They don’t have मास appeal.

If you drink turmeric milk regularly, it will make you हल्दी

I don't like slim people, Unko to tummies hi nahi hai.

People who drink alcohol to get rid of their problems are BOOZEdils

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