Saturday 21 November 2020

China becomes a 10 trillion dollar economy

How did China become a 10 trillion dollar economy and India is not?

China's Academic Talent Search Programmes. The Best and the Brightest are identified - and fully sponsored for education in US, UK, Australia, Japan or Singapore as well as Education in Chinese Universities like Tong Ji or Liauquong.

No Minorities or Majorities. A Bao Minority Scholar topped the Lists in 2019 and is presently studying graduating in a Chinese University and will likely do his masters in USA at Stanford or MIT.


69% Seats in Engineering Colleges and Medical Colleges are reserved based on Community and Caste.

The Best Talents find themselves abandoned by their Own Governments - Doesn't matter if its Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi or MMS or Vajpayee or Narendra Modi.

In 2020 - In 8 States - only 0.9% Doctors came from the Forward Castes and only 9.3% Engineers (8 States include - AP, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Bihar, Rajashtan, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh)

80% Students who study Masters in US or UK or Australia or Canada or Europe or Singapore - return home within 15 years to China to serve their Government Contracts in Research or Engineering or Medicine or Biosciences.

They are offered many benefits - Less Taxes, More incentives, The Gai Bo Program etc.

Less than 7% Students return home to India after 15 years. Sure they'll do all this flag waving and chanting nonsense but ask them to come home and they will flee before you can say the word “Ghar Wapsi” (My own son - is a huge admirer of Modi but ask him to come to Modis India and he will scamper)

The reason - There is nothing for them in India.

Zero Opportunities except a lot of wind and gas from various ministers “We will do this by 2020…..2030 etc etc”

Economic Development Board sponsored EY awards to Top Entrepreneurs who are awarded $ 10 Million each for their businesses. Xiangshei Xcrow won in 2016 and today has a 81% business domination in China and Asia Pacific.

Chinese government invests $ 70 Billion annually in Innovation and Technopreneurships - the result of which is Tik Tok or Machine Learning AIs or a plethora of advanced patents in China from 2010.

Indian Governments contribution to Entrepreneurship. Negligible Tax Incentives, Negligible Benefits but enough talk to fill 10 newspapers for 10 years.

The result is most of our entrepreneurs are Hair Cutting Saloon owners rather than owners of Intellectual Technology or Property or own cutting edge MLAIs.

Yet they are 10 times overvalued like Byjus or Ola Cabs ….in a plethora of one Con after another.

Our Government contributes Rs. 100 Crore for Entrepreneurs but so far no idea where bulk of the money is?

Every Chinese company over a certain revenue must contribute at least 15% of its profits for Research and Development.

The Total R & D Investment by China is a whopping - $ 317 Billion annually or nearly 2.15% of the GDP.

The Total R & D Investment of the whole world is $ 1.64 Trillion - so China spends a whopping 19.33% of the Worlds Research Budget and comes next only to USA (40.64%). Yet in 1990 - USA spent 70.95% of the Worlds Budget while China spent 0.06%. From 1990 to 2020 - the growth of 0.06% to 19.33% is Meteoric.

Out of this - Chinese companies spend 65.8% of this money compared to Foreign Companies which spend only 34.2% of this money

Local Chinese Research outspends Foreign Research by almost 100%

Result - Patents and Advancement

Corporates dont spend 50 paise for Research except for some pomp and show facility. With good students straining to run away abroad - the researchers left are of mediocre quality in general.

India spends $ 26 Billion or 0.85% of the GDP on Research and Development which is around 1.59% of the Worlds R & D Budget. In 2015 - India spent $ 36 Billion and this has fallen sharply over the last 5 years.

Out of this 96.2% of the money is spent by Foreign Companies while only 3.8% is spent by Indian Companies.

Local Indian Research is barely 3% of the Foreign Research

Results - Haircutters and Clerks

Indigineous Defence Industry was a project of the Chinese in the year 1988. They began with lousy fifth rate products but by today - their productions are nearly 80 - 85% or even in some cases 90 - 95% of US or European Standards Manufacture.

They have even began exporting some of these products albeit to countries like Brazil or Pakistan.

They make indigenous Wind Tunnels, Advanced Turbines, Turbofans, Avionics Systems and though they start with Fifth Rate Quality, they always keep improving and within 7–10 years have now achieved around 80% - 85% Global Standard. By 2030 - It is believed they will achieve global standards as they have began investing heavily in Metallurgy and Titanium Alloy Processes and Carbon Fibre Processes.

Best Part - these Industries generate employment for 36 Million Chinese combined.

70 Years of Independence, British Legacy, Big Industries already available - Yet even to this day - we import almost 80% of our advanced

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