Friday 27 November 2020

Maj. Gen. Dhruv C Katoch

This is the.. True story.. Name of the main. Culprit was Surinder Singh kairon son of the then Chief Minister of Punjab. S. Pratap Singh Kairon..


The year was 1959, the place was Amritsar. Some Indian Army officers and their wives went to Railway station to see off one of their colleagues. Some goons made lewd remarks against the women and try to molest them. The Army officers chased the goons who took shelter in a nearby Cinema Theatre.

The matter had been reported to commanding officer " Col Jyothi Mohan Sen". On learning about the incident, the Col ordered the Cinema Hall to be surrounded by troops. All the goons were dragged out and the leader of the goons was so heady and drunk with power; who was none other than the son of Honorable Chief Minister of Punjab, Pratap Singh Kairon, the close associate of the then Prime Minister, Jawahar Lal Nehru.

All the goons were stripped to their under wears, paraded in the streets of Amritsar and later entered in the cantonment. Next day, the Chief Minister became furious and tried to release his son from Indian Army's incarceration.

You know what happened?

His vehicle was not allowed to go in to the cantonment as VIP vehicle, he was compelled to walk all the way to meet the colonel. The infuriated Chief Minister, Kairon complained about whole affair to Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

Those days were different, democracy was in nascent stage, leaders though powerful have some qualms and ethics. 

The perplexed, the so called Bharat Ratna Prime Minister Nehru instead of questioning his confidante Pratap Singh Kairon, sought explanation from the Army Chief General Timmayya for the conduct of his officers.

You know what Timmayya replied?

"If we can not defend the honor of our women, how can you expect us to defend the honor of our country?"

Nehru was dumbfounded. That was the story of a brave soldier who defied Prime Minister.

This article was contributed by " Maj. Gen. Dhruv C Katoch" in the magazine " Salute to the Indian soldier."

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